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ROTTENECTOMY - Bestial Satisfaction

ROTTENECTOMY - Bestial Satisfaction

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ROTTENECTOMY was formed in early October 2020 with the formation: Tedy (vocals), Tony (guitar) and Kevin (drums).

Taking the concept of the slamming death metal genre, a genre that is very rarely found in the Tulungagung metal scene.

The song's lyrics carry the theme of bestial satisfaction, namely sexual behavior deviation, fantasy hyperbole of sex slavery towards ritualism.

In November 2021 Riyan joined as bassist, making the ROTTENECTOMY line-up complete.

In April 2021, ROTTENECTOMY released a promo single released by DEATWISH RECORDS with the title "Remnants From Anomaly".

It was from this journey of the band that was just as old as this corn, ROTTENECTOMY started to get serious about recording their first EP which was released by MAXIMA MUSIC PRO.


Release Date : April 15, 2023

Format : CD, Digital, Cassette
Catalogue ID : MMP-0014
Origin : Tulungagung, Indonesia
Labels : Maxima Music Pro


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